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    • Hi,

      My name is Bilal Mehtab and your server ban me Again with Unknow Reason. I recently buy New Mouse Name

      Glorious Model O

      I was Drag clicking on That Mouse, I was Combo to People, But Suddenly Your Server ban Me, Without Any Reason. I am not using Hacks, I am combo people with 16 CPS.

      I request you that please Unban me from your Server. And I also want to use That mouse. So please don't Ban me again.
      I obey your server rules
      Give me the permission to use Mouse
      i think ur lying i can click up to 22 cps and i dont get banned u were probably using autoclicker
      if ur gonna make a appeal dont lie
      I am sorry that I am using VPN. Becuase I like VPN
      Again I don't use VPN or any other hack client.

      I want to enjoy this server
      "im using VPN becuase i "like" VPN again i dont use VPN"
      I am not use autocliker, because i hate Autocliker.
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