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  1. Nucklo

    KitPvP reclamatie zyblade

    Ai fost sanctionat corect. Inchis.
  2. Nucklo

    KitPvP Hacker

  3. Nucklo

    KitPvP Hacker

  4. Nucklo

    KitPvP Zulm unban request

    Unbanned on both of the accounts. On paradise the recording is lagged, and on zulm i just simply do not see any type of cheats. Closed.
  5. Nucklo

    KitPvP iVapeLitely Cod

    Respectivul va primi unban, cum nu are hack. Sanctiunea data de catre moderator a fost o eroare. Inchis.
  6. Nucklo

    KitPvP Limbaj player

  7. Nucklo

    KitPvP Reclamatie iProPvP AutoClicker

    Deja sanctionat pe o alta dovada.
  8. Nucklo

    KitPvP Hacker

  9. Nucklo

    KitPvP Hacker

  10. Nucklo

    KitPvP Hacker

  11. Nucklo

    KitPvP Hacker

  12. Nucklo

    KitPvP reclamatie

    Buna, Neros! Adminul care te-a banat are o problema cu programul sau de pe care acceseaza internetul, asa ca iti voi da eu dovada si voi spune ce si cum. In aceasta filmare se vad numeroase hituri de peste 3 blockuri, cum ar fi: http://prntscr.com/m9n70k ; http://prntscr.com/m9n6da ; http://prntscr.com/m9n5w7 , care ma duc la concluzia ca ai fost sanctionat corect. O zi buna! Inchis.
  13. Nucklo

    KitPvP Reachere

  14. Nucklo

    KitPvP _Rosee

    Cand respectivul te are in aer te poate lovi de la o distanta mai mare. Hiturile de acolo sunt normale. Inchis.
  15. Nucklo

    KitPvP iPr0Combo

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