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  1. mihaaiiii

    SkyBlock Spring cerere unban

    Salut Shantary, inteleg ca esti suparat pe faptul ca ai fost sanctionat cu ban. Da-mi sa dovedesc adevaratul motiv pentru care ai fost sanctionat! In acest video se poate vedea clar ce s-a intamplat.
  2. mihaaiiii

    SkyBlock Spring Mute aiurea

  3. mihaaiiii

    SkyBlock Spring Mute aiurea

    https://imgur.com/OrB3Qci https://imgur.com/pINHJco
  4. mihaaiiii

    SkyBlock Spring Reclamatie mihaaiiii

    https://imgur.com/D3pceh6 https://imgur.com/m5QRZ03 https://imgur.com/hzyPsXh https://imgur.com/1KhUwKq https://imgur.com/jYZRawJ
  5. mihaaiiii

    SkyBlock Spring warn

    https://imgur.com/baxHc2B https://imgur.com/HHsyzLj https://imgur.com/nLYyBeT https://imgur.com/e8HQlHH https://imgur.com/YqEvXbr
  6. mihaaiiii

    SkyBlock Spring mihaaiii mute degeaba ..

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