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  1. Nickname:17mick Name of the assholes:wxrthy and xverzidev Reason:reach and team with hacker Proof/Screenshot: Description:i dont have enough proofs hh Date:15may
  2. kotokooooooo

    KitPvP ayy

    Nickname:17mick Name of the asshole:GlockFired Reason:reach Proof/Screenshot: Description:reach l0l Date:14may
  3. Nickname:reachgod Name of the asshole:AloNNe_ Reason:reach Proof/Screenshot: Description:reach? Date:13may 12am
  4. Nickname: reachgod Date and Time: 13may 9am Screenshot/Proof: The reason: aimassist Who gave you the ban?: the anticheat Subserver: thepit
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