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  1. Server name: mc.gamster.org Minecraft Name:SKILZLFREE Date Of Ban:2019-5-14 Date and time of Ban Expired:24 hours 16 Minute Evidence:https://prnt.sc/nobbu5 Reason for Hacking:hack1/2 Who gave you the ban?:EvilZone Why Should We Lift Your Ban?: Well first off I am really sorry. I love playing on the server, I did Hack and I'm sorry for doing that. After I did that I noticed how fun the server is. I started having lots of fun and connected with the community. I wish I could go back in time and take it all back. But I can't. If I get unbanned I don't want to just play as a normal player, I want to be a Reporter and hopefully if you forget about this and forgive me then I can apply for staff. I know that this won't change your opinion but I was going to donate to the third/fourth highest rank before I got banned. I would also like to say that if you guys think I haven't reviewed in my mind what I did wrong then maybe just turn the ban into a temp-ban, so everyone get's time to think it over. This is sincere and I put effort into this ban appeal, because I want to have a second chance I believe everyone should be given second chances. I bet that everyone on this server has done something wrong that they wish they can take back. We're all humans we all make mistakes. This is a big mistake for me, because all of my friends play on this server. I'll tell you why I Hack the base because I wanted more loot so I could defeat people that had really good things. Now I understand that isn't a reason to cheat but I really wanted to do it. Now I feel really bad, I hope you can see the effort I put into this application.
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