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  1. You have 24hours to update the photos(wrong links) ,and please use imgur.
  2. MrAstrix


    ,speram sa te distrezi!
  3. ,speram sa te distrezi!
  4. Hello Marco,first of all you need to use the application form: 1.Nume: 2.Vรขrstฤƒ: 3.ID Discord: 4.De ce รฎศ›i doreศ™ti FBI: 5.Dovada cu voturile: 6.Dovada cu cererea in care ai fost acceptat ca si Politist/SWAT: 7.Ai citit regulamentul pentru facศ›iunea FBI? : Now i will explain you what is written here. 1 is your name 2 is your age 3 is your discord ID(name+tag) 4 is your explaination about why you want to join FBI 5 a screeshot with /vote(you need 120 votes) 6 a screenshot with your police/swat request (must be 30days in police or 14days in swat to apply for FBI) 7 at this point you need to tell us the key-word,to show us that you have read the rules(You need to say this :Doresc FBI) Also,you need to wait 7 days before you make another request,but keep in mind that you need to apply for police first.
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