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  1. i entered the server and it says i have ban on ip into my network . are you working on unbanning me from the ip or something else ?


    1. Henriks9


      Send me ur IP please via Discord Henriks9#1337 or via private message in the Forum

  2. Henrks9 code unban me-mEsuLrO

  3. Henriks9 unban me???

  4. hello give me your discord to give you a screanshot henriks9!!ok



  5. pleaz men unban meee :(((pleazzzz!!!!mEsuLrO



  6. henriks9 give me discord !!4



  7. Pleaz men unban:(((


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    2. (SpartaN_Jr)


      men me i have ban!!!!!!!!!1


    3. (SpartaN_Jr)


      men y have ban you don t understand!!!!give me unban!!!!!!pleaz

    4. (SpartaN_Jr)


      mEsuLrO code!!!

  8. Henrikssssssssssss9 please i cant support other servers i need GAMSTER 

  9. How long i need to wait until i am gonna play again on this gourgeos server?


  10. please UnBan me all i want to do is to play skyblock on Gamster so Please Unban me 

  11. Pleaz men unban !!


  12. when can i play again on gamster?


  13. Pleaz unban mee mEsuLrO

    1. Henriks9


      Write unban request

    2. (SpartaN_Jr)


      bro y have ban:((


  14. pleaz unban 😞 code mEsuLrO


    1. Henriks9


      Write unban request

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