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    Stage One (Beta)

    Gamster Community would like to announce to you that our MuOnline server is ready for beta! Quick info about server config: Staging System ( Content from the game will be unlocked over time ) Dynamic XP on different Resets. First Reset 370 LVL Stats will be removed on Reset GR requires 10RR in stage 1 max GR 10 2k Points * Nr GR Max points 10k All characters are available from level 1. No OP items or Seal in X-Shop XP Pets available in most of the small events ( expirable) Custom Invasion (Jwl's / Black Jwl's / Special Jwl's / Complex Potion / Ancient Items / Rare Items) Class Specific Drop from Boss and Event Bags (e.g Kundun+5 if is throw by a BK will drop Items only by BK) Beginner Skill invasion (Hunt White Sheep in Lore/Noria/Elbeland) X-Shop ON (WCoins / Goblin Coins currency) WCoins and Goblin Coins earn in-game. Spots Everywhere (5-6 monsters per spot, no additional mobs on maps) Maps Available Lore To Kanturu 2 + Kalima 1-7. Only maps which drop JWL's are Kalima 1 - 7 JWL's can be obtained from Event Bags/ Rabbit Invasion / Kalima Maps Max Quest Level 2 Max Wings obtainable ( LVL 2) Limited Sets and Events Available ( More will be open in the next stages) The purpose of the beta is to make sure all the above configs are right, to discover new bugs, to get feedback from you, and make the changes. Please use our forum or the website ticket system to provide any feedback, bugs, or any other issue during beta. Thank you for playing Gamster Mu!
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