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  1. The post is not intended to offend the person I will mention. I express my opinion on him. The Henriks9 operator does not work in accordance with the server regulations. Ignore my messages asking for help explaining why I was muted in KitPvp for 90 days. I cannot get help from any administrator because the administrators I have contact with do not have permission to perform certain actions - they are inferior in rank than Henriks9. Probably Henriks9 will write that he already explained what I did but I still do not understand because he has incorrect information about me. I never got a
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    My nickname: MartwyZabujca Hello, my previous application has been rejected. Operator Henriks9 wrote that I had been punished before. This is not true. I only got bans for Cheats that I do not have, I used to help with anti-cheat, I wrote with Henriks9. Henriks9, you wrote that I had a chance to improve before but I didn't use it. So tell me what was the reason for silencing me for up to 3 months? Could it be that I wrote that 3 players are afraid to go 1v1 with me? Most players use obscene words in global chat and are not punished for it like I was punished. They only get muted for
  3. Hi, my nickname is MartwyZabujca, I have a Mute from Henriks9 for "toxic". Henriks9 favors other players listening to their commands and requests and he rejects mine. Please give me unmute, im not toxic. a lot of peoples they swear, challenge and break the rules and are not punished for it. I have been playing on this server for over a year and I will not get kicked out of it in some way. Please also update the anticheat as it is underdeveloped, causes stuttering in cobwebs during combat, when you quickly select soups, suddenly stops the player in the air and cannot move. B
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