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  1. My nickname: MartwyZabujca I do not add information here because the information is provided in the post closed by Henriks9. As it is that the player tries, he creates a complaint on the forum about the Administrator and he replies to this post and closes it. In my opinion, the rules of this server are not clear or correct, just ridiculous. No help from the higher administration.
  2. My nickname: MartwyZabujek The case has been going on for several days. The administrator does not comply with the server regulations. He said he is not the administrator and he is not the staff. He banned me for being toxic with no basis for it. When I politely asked him why he did it and if he could give me some proof he started to ignore me when I asked again (after a long pause) he blocked me. So I started writing on the Discord server to him, after many messages he would laugh back. The administrator of Henriks9 ignored me many times when I asked him if he would do something for Ant
  3. My nickname: MartwyZabujek The administrator of Neyzouu never helped me, the request for help was only accepted and then ignored, doing nothing to help me and my friends. She favored players without silencing them for calling my family and myself at risk.She silenced me groundlessly. I feel discriminated against. DATA: 2021 04 07 18 50 LINK TO PROOFS: https://youtu.be/9NOLqLKRdfs https://imgur.com/a/iPLaoQV Half of the screenshots have not been saved, I have no idea why, I have some of them where someone is muted by console and then unmute from Neyzouu or NexyzZ1 Administrators d
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