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Found 3 results

  1. Minecraft Username:My current Minecraft username is Justlxrd01.What is your age?I'm 15 years of age.What is your timezone? Eastern European Standart Time//EESTWhat country are you from?I live in Bulagria.Which realm do you play on the most?I mostly play on practise and bedwars.How many hours a week are you able to put into Gamster?I can put 3-4 hours a day on the weekdays and as much time as needed on the weekends.Do you have any previous experience holding staff positions?I have a great amount of experience in moderation, I was a moderator on a server called 'RageRaid'. A factions server with around 150 players at all times, this gave me quite a bit of experience with dealing with a well-sized community. Another notable server that I was a moderator on was 'BoostedNetwork', another factions/skyblock server that's concurrent player base was about 200 players before an ownership changeover. The largest server I was a moderator on as 'LemonCloud', a minigame server that at its peak had 1000 players online at one time. My responsibilities on each of these servers were similar to my responsibilities I'd be taking on as a staff member here at Minesaga, such as handling players who are using anything considered to be an unfair advantage or just simply those who were breaking the rules. I also had to take on the responsibilities of handling reports and appeals so I've got a vast amount of knowledge in the processes of doing All of these experiences have bettered me as a staff member and a person, they've made me the fun-loving guy that I am and I've gained loads of knowledge from working for all of the servers listed above, on a side note, I've been in charge of different projects during my time working at Chick-Fil-A. I was a Team Leader and my responsibilities and I handled refunds and general management.Why do you want to become a staff member?One of the key motivations that pushed me to become a staff member, was the amazing community that Gamster Network has established. I've made quite a few friends while being a part of this community. I've met plenty of amazing people as well, this community has done me so many favors, and now I believe it's my time to repay them all. I am ready to take on the responsibilities of being a staff member. Gamster Network is an amazing server and I'd love to take the role as a staff member on it, many players look up to Gamster staff and I would love to be a role model to this amazing community. Another motivation of mine is the general amount of time and dedication I can contribute as a staff member, I've always been quite mature and professional and I can bring that with me if I am accepted to the staff team. My main goal of being a staff member is to ensure everyone has the same amazing experience while playing Gamster that I had whenever I first joined the community and still to this day get to experience.I believe that I'm personally qualified to become a staff member because I'm constantly assisting anyone that asks for help. I enjoy being an aid to any user who wishes to improve or just has a question that they would like to ask. As an individual I am quite often approved by others, people tend to grow a liking for me because I'm an over-all friendly guy who is always there to help. I quite often work very diligently and I consider myself to be a leader, in projects that I've taken responsibility, I always choose to take the more difficult tasks as to show my dedication to my work. I'm a very cheerful and positive guy who enjoys assisting others in any and every way possible. I will constantly take time out of my day to inspect players to ensure that no one is breaking the rules, because as a player who likes PvP minigames it can be quite irritating to fight a hacker and as a staff member I would be able to help ensure that, and fewer players have to worry about dealing with that. I have high expectations of myself, and if I don't do something right then I will do it again ten times better. I am very cautious with my words so that I do not offend or hurt anyone's feelings. I want every legitimate player on Gamster Network to truly enjoy their experience, and to be able to have the same amazing experiences that I've had during my time with the community.One of the biggest things that I can bring to the staff team is my friendliness, I’m always the guy who makes other’s smiles and makes their day just that much better. I’m the person people go to for advice or even just for a simple conversation. I’ve always been known to make other people smile when having conversations with them, as one of my key attributes is being a fun-loving, guy.I can contribute the basics such as keeping users under control and handling situations quickly and efficiently. Whether it is as simple as a player advertising, or an argument between two players I will be sure it's handled appropriately and in a timely fashion. I can also contribute my can-do attitude to the community and staff team, I can assist players and staff by cheering them up with my joking attitude. Improving others experience is one of my greatest motives for applying on Gamster Network.ConclusionI am truly passionate about Gamster Network has become one of my favorite servers to play on. I recently started to play a bit more. I would love to work as a staff member full time here and show the community that I'm here for it. I will be very active and professional towards every person I meet, and I will ensure that everyone who plays Gamster has the same awesome experience that I have when I play. Becoming a staff member is a great opportunity for me to show my self-worth, it will allow me to learn and grow alongside the community. I promise that if you make the decision to accept me you will not regret it, I will constantly be online assisting players and allowing everyone the chance to enjoy the server. I enjoy playing games such as Fortnite, and League of Legends. In my free time, I like to spend time with my pets, I have a pet dog. I live in the mountains, I sometimes like to hike in my free-time.I have a slight obsession for Starbucks coffee, my favorite is probably the Triple Mocha Frappuccino. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback!Cheers,Justlxrd01
  2. Name:RdG_HuSky Dece vreau helper?: vreau helper sa ajut serverul toti helper pe server nu pot sa fiu normali fac /ac (nume hacker) si helper ami spune /ac inutil 1/3
  3. Hello. I would like to apply for HELPER RANK. On the GAMSTER-NETWORK And help the server and players. Thank you!
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