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Este foarte important ca toți jucătorii să citească și să înțeleagă regulamentul serverului, deoarece nu vom accepta scuzele precum: nu știam! ×
It is very important for all players to read and understand the rules of the server, because we will not accept excuses such as: I did not know! ×

KitPvP Give me unmute - KitPvp

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Hi, my nickname is MartwyZabujca, I have a Mute from Henriks9 for "toxic".

Henriks9 favors other players listening to their commands and requests and he rejects mine.
Please give me unmute, im not toxic. a lot of peoples they swear, challenge and break the rules and are not punished for it.

I have been playing on this server for over a year and I will not get kicked out of it in some way.


Please also update the anticheat as it is underdeveloped, causes stuttering in cobwebs during combat, when you quickly select soups, suddenly stops the player in the air and cannot move.

Below is a screenshot that I didn't do anything deserving of a 90 day mute.


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  • Operator Minecraft

Thank you very much for your unmute request and your interest in the network!

Unfortunately we have to inform you that your account has already attracted negative attention in the past.
From this we conclude that nothing has been learned from the previous punishments and that the chance for improved behavior has not been taken.

I also point out that you are not allowed to request a new unmute for this mute.



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