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Este foarte important ca toți jucătorii să citească și să înțeleagă regulamentul serverului, deoarece nu vom accepta scuzele precum: nu știam! ×
It is very important for all players to read and understand the rules of the server, because we will not accept excuses such as: I did not know! ×

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My nickname: MartwyZabujca

Hello, my previous application has been rejected.
Operator Henriks9 wrote that I had been punished before. This is not true. I only got bans for Cheats that I do not have, I used to help with anti-cheat, I wrote with Henriks9.
Henriks9, you wrote that I had a chance to improve before but I didn't use it. So tell me what was the reason for silencing me for up to 3 months? Could it be that I wrote that 3 players are afraid to go 1v1 with me?
Most players use obscene words in global chat and are not punished for it like I was punished. They only get muted for 1h. It's not okay.. 
I have been playing on your server for quite a long time, I am Polish, so I am discriminated against by other players, it is not easy to play there but I know that nobody makes me do it.
In a previous post, I wrote about player favoritism. I just expressed my opinion on it, many people think so too. If I am muted for such a trivia for 90 days and other players who challenge others, break the rules and regulations, they will be banned for 1h or mutated for 1h. It is not fair.
Please consider my problem. 

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