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Este foarte important ca toți jucătorii să citească și să înțeleagă regulamentul serverului, deoarece nu vom accepta scuzele precum: nu știam! ×
It is very important for all players to read and understand the rules of the server, because we will not accept excuses such as: I did not know! ×

Operator KitPvp

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The post is not intended to offend the person I will mention. I express my opinion on him.

The Henriks9 operator does not work in accordance with the server regulations. Ignore my messages asking for help explaining why I was muted in KitPvp for 90 days.
I cannot get help from any administrator because the administrators I have contact with do not have permission to perform certain actions - they are inferior in rank than Henriks9.
Probably Henriks9 will write that he already explained what I did but I still do not understand because he has incorrect information about me. I never got a mute for more than 1 hour...

Please explain the reason for mute me.

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I still don't understand how you managed to make the second topic in the wrong category.

- Okay, maybe Henriks9 doesn't follow the rules like the others , but he is responsible with the anti-cheat (intave) . He has his own reasons to offer a sanction , like banning indecent skins , getting mute for saying ez/L and being banned if you have Hitler in name. I understand his decision , even i'm not implicated in this situation.
I'm responding on this topic because I'm responsible for making the forum clear . Maybe Henriks9 will not give you an explanation of this, and if he will not give, please , don't make topics , because you might get a warn for Post-hunting.
Topic moved in Complaints .

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