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Este foarte important ca toți jucătorii să citească și să înțeleagă regulamentul serverului, deoarece nu vom accepta scuzele precum: nu știam! ×
It is very important for all players to read and understand the rules of the server, because we will not accept excuses such as: I did not know! ×

BedWars Reclamatie Apocalypse_

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Your name: P9650
Defendant's name: Apocalypse_
Reason for complaint: Apocalypse_ banned me for abusing
Video / photo proof: https://prnt.sc/10duitq
Incident description: Console muted me for 1 day and I didn't say anything to get muted for . chat log --> http://chatlog.gamster.org/?report=908b45d2de2e42038ddbe9c483dcc03b so I unmuted myself then Apocalypse_ banned me for abusing
Date and time of the incident: 4/3/2021 9:25 PM

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  • Operator Minecraft

Thank you very much for your unban request and your interest in the network!

Your submitted unban request has convinced us that we want to give you another chance to behave according to the rules in the future.
Therefore we have lifted your punishment.

However, you should be aware that further offenses can be handled differently, so rethink your behavior on the network.

We wish you further much fun on Gamster.org



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