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KitPvP unban request nadaya

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Numele pe server: Nadaya

Data și oră banului:14:50 tuesday 16 april 2019


Motivul banului: I got banned for teaming with a hacker (false). I was on for 5 minutes and then I randomly get banned. I saw the person which asicx said was cheating but I didnt bother attacking him because he semmed pretty good and I wasnt warmed up. The "cheater" was chasing someone, and when the "someone" ran beside me, I hit him once just for fun and the cheater killed him. And the guy who got killed by the cheater messaged me that he was gonna kill me for hitting him and I said go ahead and we fought. And when I killed the guy, Asicx thought I was teaming with the cheater and banned me. You can check my logs if you dont believe me. And now the staff is saying I was helping the cheater get kills. Literally a lot of people was teaming with him and I was the only one who got banned.

Cine ți-a dat ban?: Asicx

Subserver: kitpvp

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