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      Hai să ne distrăm împreună pe cel mai mare server de Minecraft din România

      Gamster.org - Gaming is not a crime

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      News related to the forums, its projects and the community-owned servers. Forum related questions and other issues.

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      You're new? Introduce yourself.

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      Major announcements related to the mc.gamster.org server will be posted in here.

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      AOTM / SOTM

      Win AOTM / SOTM.

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      Design Requests

      Do you need a signature or an avatar? This is the right place to ask for it.

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      Designer Request

      What's your Photoshop experience? 

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      Everything about design.

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      Users' opinion counts.

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      Design battles.

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      Users Portofolio

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      Do you wanna make a gift to a Forums member?

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      GFX School

      Vrei să înveți PhotoShop? Înscrie-te la școala Gamster GFX.

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      Discussions about design and stuff.

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      Esti pasionat de fotografie? Aici e locul potrivit unde sa iti arati talentul sau sa ceri sfaturi

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