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Found 4 results

  1. ScaniaNextGe

    Cerere de Moderator

    Salut, fac aceasta cerere de moderator, in privire ca am observat ca sunt foarte multi hackeri prin bedwars. Doresc foarte mult sa ajut acest server invadat de hackeri si sa dau pe loc /ban pentru a face ,,Curat" prin server de hackeri. Atata tot.
  2. Sergetec

    1/2 Ban

    Deci am si eu o intrebare foarte rapida ! Daca am primit ban 1/2 temporar o zi , Motiv : hack (recunosc am folosit no kb si umpic autosoup ... pentru ca ma enervam pe kitpvp) ! Intrebare : Acest 1/2 este permant ? ... adica daca primesc 2/2 stiu ca e permant ! Da zic daca acest 1/2 se poate anula (ex: peste o luna/3 luni sau oricat sa devina 0/2) ! Sau ramane mereu ?
  3. Hey ! The 26 February 2019 a admin ban me for duplication of spawner but it's not me ! A guy sell some spawner at 1 dollars in ah ! I waited for an admin to destroy them and instead he banished me! Please unban me and i destroy the spawner ! And my friend MOON_YOURBAD is ban for the same reason ! Thank -Asyph and my friend MOON_YOURBAD My english is not perfect i'm french
  4. Blazeowsky

    SkyWars Unban appeal

    Hello, today I noticed I was banned on skywars by Pyssu. I want to be unbanned because I'm not hacking (but that's very funny when you are playing normally and get banned for hacks) If staff don't believe in my sicky pvp skills look at this video: Click here
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