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    • I just clicked quickly and was banned (+ - 10cps)

      если так то какой тогда смысл играть в op pvp без быстрого клика

      Hi, I'm sorry if I made a mistake somewhere with my name, this is also the reason for the permanent ban, but in the world there are tens of thousands of people named Dick and on other servers I played no one had a problem with my name ( speaking of servers with 3000+ players online per day) that's why I ask for an unban, I accept my mistake and I'm sorry but this is the name I played with for a whole year on a big server, I'll change the name immediately just please give me another chance and I promise there will be no problem with me in the future

      Henriks9 i admit that i commited an offence and i swear that i will not do that again,please unban me.

      Hey Henriks9,
      I thank you very very much for the second chance. Although, I have a deep and full of struggle request which would sound selfish and unthankful. Well, my ban on the RoskoBoss account from Gamster has been moved from permanently to temporarily, and I, once again appreciate that very much, but I have to wait a month and in a month I will have school and don't think I would be able to play :(.
      If is it possible to shorten my ban I would be so so happy and welcome. Or maybe I can pave a way to a faster unban through a payment?

      hello,I have a ban on gamster.org, minecraft pvp, I only used atuclicker for 20 seconds and it gave me a ban, Forbidden Code [IAC:NhBtqul]

      Ok , i admit i used safewalk mod i wish u can think about unbaning me i can take any punishment u think it's right thank you for understanding.

      my brother used an modified client and our ip was banned . can u unban the ip please

      I'm sorry mr Henriks9 for interupting you, but you posted something on a post I made of unban on gamster.org discord server, and what did you posted there? Because it says that I do not have suffiecient permission to see the image.

      Hi, I don't know why I took the money permanently because I had full brightness, how many times before I played survival and I forgot to take it out

      help me please Henriks9 my account was stolled and i want to play again why you guys dont understand me i didnt use any cheats i was banned for no reason cus a stupid guy stolled my account and used hacks idk .Please help 

       1 Nu am vriun cont cu numele B0gdan3LL am doar 2 conturi si acelea sunt astea : joaguingaspar ; 21sU. 2 Acm nu stiu cine sa logat cu internetul meu.  3 sper ca te ajutat informatiile care ti lam da daca nu pot sami scrii si mai ati dau info.

      ToxykShadowRo#7482 discord add Henriks9!
      I am waiting.. to proove the citizen out of me... not for you to see my hacker improovements!

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